My name is Terri Gilson.  I'm a Professional Organizer and owner of Terrific Spaces, located in Hopkins, Minnesota.  I'm married and have an eleven year old son with too many Legos and other small toys to trip over. Daily chaos aside, I still manage to set an example for my family and customers by keeping my home in an orderly fashion and free of clutter.

I bring technical experience and a creative communications background to Terrific Spaces.  Fifteen years as a Project Manager in large corporations gained me the confidence I needed to "take the bull by the horns" and start my own business. It was the right decision and it feels great!

As a professional organizer Since 2004, I've helped people take charge of their lives by getting the clutter and chaos out of their lives. It's important to find out first what works for you and learn as much as possible about your personal style.  It's worthless to create a system for you based on another persons accomplishment, then find out the system was not manageable for you.  With my experience in organizing technical projects and accounts, I've come to learn that my customers are all different and each is an individual with their own needs and ways of doing things.

Your Clutter is my business!